(Hash)tagging with the users: participatory collection of digital social photography in museums and archives is the long title of our (the CoSoPho project’s) contribution to the super interesting and relevant anthology: Participatory Archives. Theory and Practice, which has just been been published by FACET publishing (London). We are happy to be a part of this and look much forward to read the other contributions in the book

A small intro to the Collecting Social Photography focus on Participatory Archives: In most cases today, tagging and commenting in museums and archives are intended to improve access to collections, by making them searchable, enriched by user-generated information. The aim of facilitating tagging and commenting on different platforms is also to generate extended user engagement.

In the cases presented in our chapter, the use of tagging is expanded from work processes connected to access and outreach to acquisition, as (hash)tagging is used as a tool for active acquisition or collecting of contemporary visual digital documentation in museums and archives. 

The anthology Participatory Archives: Theory and practice is divided into four sections, with each focused on a particular aspect of participatory archives: 

  • social tagging and commenting
  • transcription
  • crowdfunding and 
  • outreach & activist communities. 

Read more about the anthology here: http://www.facetpublishing.co.uk/title.php?id=30356