The Collecting Social Photo project is happy to invite creative participants for a workshop in Helsinki, in November 2017, where we will develop prototype interfaces for social digital photography collections. The purpose of the workshop is to ideate together around new ways of disseminating photocollections, in the age of social media photography.

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Prototyping collections interfaces for social digital photography

The research project Collecting Social Photo will host a workshop series exploring new ways of displaying the networked, assembled and volatile social digital photograph by heritage institutions for their stakeholders. The first ideation workshop will take place on November 23–24, 2017, at the The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland. This will be followed by a second workshop, a hackathon, in March 2018, Stockholm, Sweden. Our facilitator for the two workshops is Facilitator: Risto Sarvas, Futurice. In both workshops we will have technicians as well as people from arts, heritage and commercial sector.

Workshop 1: Open call for participation – let’s do this together!

We are inviting 3–4 individuals, professionals or students from heritage, arts, commercial and academic sectors around Europe. Join us for two days in Helsinki, November 23–24. We start with half day of introduction to the project, the social digital photograph and it’s challenges for memory institutions, and presentations of participants. Then we will host a full day of ideation workshop. If your application is accepted the project will pay your air fare and hotel, as well as a speaker’s fee of 200 €.*

* The speaker’s fee must be invoiced from a registered company or organzation.


The problem we will attempt to solve together: How can we create new interfaces to heritage collections of social digital photography, that consider:

  • The character of the social digital photograph, i.e. volatile, assemblages, networked etc.
  • The mission of the institutions
  • The need to invite stakeholders to dialog, participation and co-creation
  • The need to merge collecting and disseminating
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • The ecosystem of the social digital photograph
  • Existing databases and interfaces

We are looking at producing creative prototypes that innovate around user involvement and the way we collect and disseminate social digital photography. The prototypes will be openly shared with the international museum/archival communities, along with a project report from the Collecting Social Photo project.

Who should join?

If you’re interested in…

  • Contributing to an active and important research project and learning about social digital photography as cultural heritage
  • Gain new experiences and insights in a rapidly developing area
  • Sharing ideas about the best ways to use digital technologies in humanities research
  • Working collaboratively in diverse teams to tackle research challenges
  • Making new friends and connections


Please adress questions to:
Kajsa Hartig, Nordiska museet/Nordic museum,
Anni Wallenius, The Finnish Museum of Photography,


Application form is closed.

Terms and conditions
By accepting the invitation you agree to actively join and contributing to the two days of workshop. You are expected to make a 15 minute presentation about your current work. You agree that the outcomes from the project is openly shared with all participants to further develop on.

The project will book your flights and accommodation. Expenses for transfer to airport, and speaker’s fee, will be reimbursed only through invoice.

About us

Collecting Social Photo is a three year research project aiming at developing new recommendations for Nordic heritage organisations around collecting and disseminating social digital photography. The project will also develop prototype interfaces for collecting and disseminating this type of photography. The project has now teamed up with Futurice, Helsinki, to organize a series of workshops, where we, in cross disciplinary groups, will explore innovative interfaces for social digital photography collecting and collections.

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