The Collecting Social Photography team is very happy to present results from the project at the international conference: Documenting social processes and movements at Riksarkivet (National Archives Norway) Wergelandssalen, September 25. 2019 in Oslo.

Our focus will given the theme be on the social aspects of the project – trying to define what we mean by social in the context. We look forward to meet our Norwegian colleagues, as there unfortunately is no Norwegian partner in the project.

The questions in general posed at the conference are: How are we documenting the social processes today and in the past? What about today’s social movements organized on Social Media? How, why and what do we collect? How do we recover historical memory? How can we help victims of repression?

CoSoPho is in prominent company. The program looks like this and it is still possible to register at
Here can you also can read more about the content of the presentations.

1000-1010 Inga Bolstad, national archivist: Welcome

1010-1055 Tonia Sutherland, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa: Collecting for the Culture: Embracing Black American Archival Narratives to Support Transitional Justice and Human Rights.

1055-1140 Maria Utgés Vallespí, Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya: Projects concerning the Spanish Civil War, exile and Francoist repression. Experiences in the recovery of historical memory and the reparation of victims of repression.

1140-1200 Questions

1200-1245 Lunch

1245-1330 Bente Jensen, Aalborg City Archives: Collecting Social Photography. Connect to collect, the social dimension of collecting. (40 min – 5 min questions)

1330-1415 Andrew Flinn, University College London: Salvage and Dig: community-based archives & social movement approaches to archiving the past for the present and the future. (40 min – 5 min questions)

1415-1445 Coffee

1445-1530 Erik Aaberg and Espen Sjøvoll, the National Archives: The Social Media Project in the National Archives. Arrangements, objections, obstacles. Discussion. (40 min – 5 min questions)

1530-1615 Gudmund Valderhaug, editor Tidsskriftet Arkiv: Exit music: The Last Time. Looking backward, looking forward.

The conference is organized by National Archives Norway and Tidsskriftet arkiv.
Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen, © Riddu Riđđu – from the festival in 2011