Webinar – CoSoPho Web App May 28

May 28, 3 pm (SWE = GMT + 1)
Moderator: Kajsa Hartig, Västernorrlands museum, Project Manager CoSoPho Project
Guest speaker: Micah Walter, Micah Walter Studio, New York

Project Team:
Anni Wallenius, Finnish Museum of Photography, Bente
Jensen, Aalborg City Archives, Elisabeth Boogh, Stockholm
County Museum.


3.00 – 3.05 Introducing the project – Kajsa
Welcome and introduction to the project, presenting the speakers

3.05 – 3.30 Presenting the Web App – Kajsa and Micah

3.05 – 3.20 About the Web App – why a web app, features, challenges and opportunities – KH
3.20 – 3.45 Demonstrationg front end and back end – MW

3.45 – 4.00 Possible futures – Kajsa and Micah

  • The Web App as a Licensed Service
    We can start using it now.
    Upcoming feature: In gallery interface.
  • The Web App as an Open Source Service
    Applying for further funding to develop new features.
    All new features should be added to Git Hub for inclusion in the default version.
  • Collecting Social Photo Web App Network
    The Collecting Social Photo Team is taking turn inviting to meetings every 4 months as a user group discussing collecting and new features for the Open Source Web App.
    Participating institutions can either use the licensed version or a separate local installation. Join the Facebook group to keep in touch.

4.00 – 4.30 Questions and discussions.


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