Lisa Ehlin – Abstract and bio

Lived Mediation: Online Images as Shared Reality

As networked digital images become increasingly ubiquitous it is through the eyes of those who have fully integrated online image practices into their vision and ways of thinking that we can move forward in a visual culture debate riddled with confusion. This presentation deals with how teenagers and young adults present themselves and negotiate identity as well as visual culture through networked images, apps and different social platforms through concepts such as “digital dualism”, ephemeral images, ambivalent understanding, images as embodied experience and the nature of “the present” of online culture, all incorporated in what might be labelled “the new real”.

Lisa Ehlin

Lisa Ehlin has a PhD in Fashion Studies, connected to the Research School for Studies in Cultural History at Stockholm University. Her dissertation Becoming Image. Perspectives on Digital Culture, Fashion and Technofeminism was published in 2015. She works as a writer, researcher, editor and lecturer.

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