Kajsa Hartig – Abstract and bio

Kajsa Hartig, Västernorrlands museum

Kajsa Hartig, Västernorrlands museum


As a member of the Collecting Social Photo (CoSoPho) team Kajsa has through 2017-2020 explored the challenges for museums and archives in collecting social digital photography. The project has performed eleven case studies focusing on photographic practices, places and events. The case studies have given valuable insight into the process of collecting and the challenges met by different types of collecting initiatives.
The CoSoPho project has also developed a prototype web app for collecting social digital photography that has allowed for detailed discussions on the different steps in a collecting inititiative, the impact of technology and how this connects with current work practices and digital infrastructures in museums and archives.
The CoSoPho project has also produced recommendations for collecting of social digital photography, which are available in the anthology Connect to Collect from March 19, 2020.


Kajsa Hartig

Kajsa Hartig is project manager for the Nordic project Collecting Social Photography (CoSoPho), 2017-2020, at the Nordiska museet in Sweden, Department of Digital Interaction. She is currently also Head of Museum Experience and Collections at the regional Västernorrlands museum. 

Her background is as a digital producer in the archives sector, and has for 8 years managed the Swedish Secretariat of Photographic Collections before shifting back to the digital field as a digital strategist at the Nordiska museet. 

Her interests are in digital transformation in museums, the impact of digital on work practices in collections management and public facing initiatives, as well as in audience engagement online using sustainable dialogue and inclusive methods. Through the CoSoPho project she has, together with the team, explored the challenges of digital on current work practices around photography collections, specifically the collecting of social digital photography in museums and archives.

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