Erik Aaberg – Abstract and bio

The Social Media Project in the National Archives. Arrangements, objections, obstacles

The National Archives has for two years been running a pilot project to harvest and preserve posts from selected social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). By means of public programming interfaces (“API”s) content is continuously monitored and extracted. All archived content is also searchable through a public interface. The pages, individuals and institutions monitored are all 100% public.

The National Archives currently log all activity from members of our Parliament (“Stortinget”), and all governmental ministries. We will discuss the importance of preserving this information, different technical approaches and the relevance of GDPR when collecting personal, but public, statements.


Erik Aaberg

Senior advisor at the National Archives of Norway. Long experience within databases, search technology, web search and distributed services.  Background from the media business, mainly as mediator between technology and business development. Joined the National Archives 6 years ago. Current work focuses on project management and technical evaluations of new digital methods relevant for long term preservation.

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